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Coronation Training Centre



The Coronation Training Centre has over the years established itself as a haven for differently abled learners. We provide specialized education and support to learners with barriers to learning and development, their families, and actively advocate their rights.

Principals Message

PrincipalI’ve been working for the rights of persons with disabilities for the past 30 years and have experienced that all children can learn and need support. This is also articulated in White Paper 6: Special Needs Education – Building an Inclusive Education and Training System (approved by Cabinet in 2001). My passion to respond to those learners who are vulnerable and most likely to be marginalised and excluded, keeps me committed to one of the key strategies of the above policy that aims to accommodate learners who have high intensity support needs, as well as provide a range of support services to ordinary and full-service schools.

This inspires me to go beyond the call of duty. It is however for me essential that the implementation of the White Paper 6, be done in a responsible manner not to counteract the very ideals it stands for.
To this end I also hope that the Education System will move into the direction of a total breakdown of all social barriers and an eradication of the stigma learners with barriers to learning and development have to deal with.
I have a dream that no child will be begging on street corners or in shopping malls – blaming it on their disability. I dream that all learners with barriers to learning and development will be accommodated in a Centre or school where they will learn a skill and find job opportunities using their competency.

Phebe Botman-Kerspuy