The Coronation Training Centre has over the years established itself as a haven for differently abled learners. We provide specialized education and support to learners with barriers to learning and development, their families, and actively advocate their rights.


At Coronation Training Centre child development is not just the core of what we do but the core of how we live.

We believe that in order for child development to take place successfully the necessary child support services need to be present.

We as the Governing Body and Executive Committee, management and staff of the Coronation Training Centre, pledge ourselves, and our total resources, to develop the capacity of our learners and to assist them in reaching their fullest potential in society. While we recognize the disadvantages of background and circumstances of many of our learners, we also accept the critical role that we must play in improving the quality of life of our learners. We acknowledge the central role played by parents in the development Centre in the interests of all our learners and our community. We trust that the forward movement of our Centre is reflected in these objectives.